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The renewable heat pump technology used by Daisy converts heat from the air into energy for do- mestic hot water, guaranteeing up to 75% energy saving compared to traditional electric storage water heaters.

The modulating power provided by the Inverter Technology and the electronic expansion valve in- stalled in the refrigerant circuit allows to reach a temperature of up to 62°C with the most efficient COP in the market, with short heating-up time and low noise.

For added efficiency, Daisy can be conveniently coupled with other heat generators (solar or boiler) and photovoltaic panels. Moreover, models boast energy class A+.

What is Air Source Heat Pump?

An air source heat pump is a system that absorbs renewable heat from the environment and converts it into energy to heat water. Air is the best energy storage as it can absorb solar energy, heat emitted by organisms and heat from burning fossil fuels. The air source heat pump transfers energy from the surrounding air to water, thereby creating an eco-friendly energy recycling system.

The European Union classifies air energy as a renewable energy source just like wind and solar energy. The air source heat pumps have been widely promoted by the EU to achieve the goals of energy savings, reduced carbon emissions and increased use of renewable energy


All In One Heat Pump (Top Blow)

Blue Crystal Linear

Anti-pressure explosion-proof, an- ti-melting and anti-acid, anti-bac- terial, strong corrosion resistance

High Temperature

Heat pump 70°C high temperature technology, multi-layer and multi- point water at the same time, make you comfortable and warm in cold winter.

Concise but not Simple

Fashionable design, three-dimen- sional column shaped. Golden sec- tion facade design. Concise, easy to fit in your house. Help to improve the cozy level of your residence. Small in size,novel in design

Energy Saving, health, Safety

Comparing with other normal electricity powered water heater, it saves up to 75% energy, and its bacteriostasis and scale removal function help to make the daily usage safer to users

All Year Long Hot water Supply

Hot water running throughout the year, 24 hours, not influenced by bad weather, central supplying multiplied outlets.

Daisy Energy Formula

100% Hot Water


25% Electrical Energy


75% Air Heat

Plug & Play Installation


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