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The renewable heat pump technology used by Daisy converts heat from the air into energy for domestic hot water, guaranteeing up to 75% energy saving compared to traditional electric storage water heaters.

The modulating power provided by the Inverter Technology and the electronic expansion valve in- stalled in the refrigerant circuit allows to reach a temperature of up to 62°C with the most efficient COP in the market, with short heating-up time and low noise. For added efficiency, Daisy can be conveniently coupled with other heat generators (solar or boiler) and photovoltaic panels. Moreover, models boast energy class A+.


Our Team

Daisy has a team focused on providing support to retail, domestic, single users of hot water such
has homes and apartments. Daisy has a division focused on corporate and institutional
clients where the need of hot water is greater than 3,000 liters.
The Daisy team comprises of professionals who are highly talented in the technical,
financial and legal aspects of selling, structuring, financing and implementing projects to
produce hot water in the most energy efficient way. The Daisy team combines the
professional expertise and knowledge of several entrepreneurs with a background in
energy efficiency, electrical & mechanical engineering and investment banking.

Our Financing Solutions

We provide different financing options to institutional clients that require to purchase many heat pumps for residential or commercial use: This range from outright purchase with several discount mechanisms to operating lease option where payment is staggered over an horizon of 3-5 years.
The operating is an agreement that allows the user to avoid making any upfront investment but rather to pay a monthly lease rate as if it was rent; the user can become owner of the heat pump.
at the end of the term of the lease.

After-Sales Service

Daisy after-sales service team consists of professional technicians and telephonists who will provide customers with convenient and efficient professional after sales services.
Lifetime Service Commitment

A free one year warranty will be provided against manufac-turing defects.After the expiration of the warranty period, the company will still provide after sale service of the products.

After-Sale Service Time

Service Characteristics: Professional I Speedy I Excellent I Highly efficient. We fulfill our obligations in accordance with the contract and strictly abide by the service promise of lifetime quality service.

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