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Daisy is driven by a need for sustainable, affordable and efficient electric heating systems.We have the largest range of high efficiency heat pump solutions that have been specifically engineered for domestic and commercial applications.Our exclusive heat pump technologies are durable and utilize cutting edge components sourced from leading brand manufacturers around the world. We only specialize in heat pump technology and with our team of around fifteen engineers and R&D specialists we are constantly developing and improving our heating applications to ensure we offer the best in the market.

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Who Needs Daisy

The demand for hot water contributes around 40%- 60% of the energy bills in a typical Kenyan household. Therefore, it is important to understand which technology can produce hot water in the most energy efficient manner.

The most traditional hot water systems used in Kenya are electric boilers and solar water heaters. Heat pumps are a renewable heat technology which has been used widely in Western countries since the last 8-10 years and was introduced most recently in the Kenyan market. This technology provides for a far greater energy efficient solution to your hot water needs than a traditional hot water system.

Which places are Daisy heat pumps commonly  installed ?

If you are concerned about your electricity bills, you should consider a change of your hot water system to achieve 50-70% energy savings
For Commercial Hot Water systems, we offer special commercial Heat Pumps dedicated to Hot Water consumption of above 800 Litres
Houses/ Homes , Apartments, Cottages, Villas.
Hotel & Restaurant, Hospital, Schools, Gyms & Sports Clubs, SPAs, Any facility requiring hot water.
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