Daisy Heat Pumps

Domestic All-In-one Heat Pumps

The top blow heat pumps heat water with intake of air coming from the top. With this heat pumps savings of upto 75% could be achieved.

Blue Crystal liner

Anti-pressure explosion-oproof, anti-melting and anti-acid, anti-bacterial, strong corrosion resistance

High temperature

Heat pump 70 C high temperature technology, multilayer and multipoint water at the same time, make you comfortable and warm in cold winter

Energy Saving, health, safety

Comparing with other normal electricity powered water heater, it saves up to 75% energy, and its bacteriostasis and scale removal function help to make the daily usage safer to users.

Concise but simple

Fashionable design, three-dimensiona column shaped. Golden section facade design. Concise, easy to fit in your house. Help to improve the cozy level of your residence. Small in size, novel in design

All year long hot water supply

Hot water running throughout the year, 24 hours, not influenced by bad weather, central supplying multiplied outlets

Wall Hang Heat Pumps
The wall hang heat pumps can be fitted anywhere and are a perfect retrofit for existing geyser water heating systems. With this retrofits savings of up to 75% could be achieved.
Assured Quality
Anti-rust Water Tank


Special high temperature heat pump compressor


R134a environmental protection refrigent


Enamel water tank

Single Family solutions

Domestic Hot-Water from renewable source with  heat pump water heater

Multi-family solutions -centralized system

Domestic Hot-Water from renewable source with storage tank

Installation Diagram
Working Principle
Heating Effect
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